Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pregnancy Hazard

Well this is new.  I actually sprained my ankle at work.  Not because I was doing a workout, or because I was testing out some new shoes or workout pants.  Nope, I sprained my ankle at work because I was sitting at my desk with my legs crossed, my lower leg fell asleep and I still insisted on trying to walk to kitchen to get my snack from the fridge.  

When I told Brian he said he knew it had to do with food. Thanks a lot.  

Now I have a swollen right ankle, thankfully you can't even really tell from these pictures. You can see the lump on the second one forming on the right side of my foot.  Such an idiot, it isn't even a good story and now I am limping around. Brian is worried about me, he thinks I should be wearing a helmet all the time and some padding on my tummy. 

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  1. Or maybe Brian should get you a personal assistant! That way he can get everything you need. Maybe tall, lean, dark hair and blue eyes. Maybe mid 30's. I could take him once the baby is born.