Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Weekend Before Last

The weekend before I went to NY we had a little barbecue at our house to celebrate our good friend Sam's birthday.  We grilled up some hamburgers, enjoyed a salad from the garden, and most everyone else washed all that down with some cold beer.  Viola was so excited to spend an evening at the Lanter's that she had a little accident on the deck about 5 minutes after they arrived.  As a result, despite Papa running home to get some clean, dry panties and dress, she was happily naked or in pull-ups for most of the night.  

It looks like a little chaos here, but Viola had all of my old "My Little Ponies" out on a blanket and Jacqui stepped away for a second, leaving sweet 8 week old Hugo to hang with us ladies for a few minutes.  

Ice Cream Sandwiches
On Saturday I did my usual walk around the Farmer's Market, but added a stroll through the park blocks to capture the beautiful roses in bloom.  They were really amazing on this sunny morning!

On Saturday afternoon we celebrated some friends daughter's one year old birthday.  Of course it was a Mexican theme and yes, there was a mariachi band. I mean, obviously. 

Finally we rounded out the weekend with a great Father's day breakfast with my parents.  Didn't my Dad look cute.  He had a little pink shirt on and he looked so summery.  I am very lucky to be a product of such a great Dad.  I will always admire what an sweet and generous Dad he is to his little girls, what an amazing husband he is to my Mom, and what a downright special person he is.  It will be fun next year to celebrate Father's day with a new Dad and not-so-new Dad too.  Love you Dad!

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