Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Steph in Style

Every time I spend time with my sister over the last few years I learn a little something new.  She usually has something new she is totally in to, whether a recipe, a workout, or a style trend.  She is always on the cutting edge, but in her own way and she makes it look effortless. 

She is incredibly creative, has an amazing eye for style in home decor and clothing.  She is fearless when it comes to trying new things on all fronts.  She wears ornate jewelry and low cut tops, she wears headbands and heels, her hair always looks a little "undone" and she applies mascara like it is the last time she'll ever get to use it.  She is kind of like a vacation from my life.  Her idea of an early night on a "school night" is 9:30.  If she feels like winding down after work that can mean a 8 mile run at 7pm, mine was completed about 14 hours earlier.  She doesn't take things too seriously, but she is amazing at her job, and she is the ultimate romantic. 

Since I have been back from NYC I am inspired to take the extra 6 minutes in the morning to curl my hair because it will make me feel more girlie all day.  I am inspired to listen to music on the way to work and explore Spotify which has her hooked.  I spent about $200 on Etsy yesterday picking out a few things for the nursery because they were original and unique and totally "me."  Her apartment is totally "her", it is like shopping at Anthropologie, the harder you look the more amazing details and treasures you will find. 

Sissy, you are pretty cool.  Don't ever stop being this Steph.  In just 3 days you totally inspired me, I have a feeling you have that impact on a lot of people. Love you. 

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