Monday, June 11, 2012


On Monday morning I never can really describe what we do all weekend.  They are always jam packed and kind of feel like a blur, but I know I enjoy every minute.  This weekend was no exception.  Friday night was an easy dinner at the bar at Amalfi's, just up from our house.  We had some crazy thunderstorms that night too. 

Saturday we were up early. I ran the "baby loop" which I now have to find places to hide and pee every five seconds on...gross, but true!  Then off to the farmer's market for my burrito among other goodies.  Brian and I met over on Belmont at Dick's kitchen for lunch and then I stopped for a cupcake. Oops.  I then looked to brighten up our dining room with some flowers from the market and also some pretty pink roses straight from our yard!

Saturday we watched the basketball game and tried a couple of new recipes on the grill.  We made shrimp and wings in foil, had some salad and bread for a nice summery dinner. 

Sunday was a bonding morning with my Mama.  A long walk and a trip to Williams-Sonoma to get me a new mixer, since the one I had for the last 2 years didn't quite work right.  They replaced it, no questions asked and the chocolate chip cookies that I made yesterday were as delicious as ever as a result.  The afternoon was spent in the yard and getting ready for the week.  It's Monday morning and I am already anticipating the fun times this weekend will bring. 

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  1. Your dragon boat pictures turned out a lot better thn mine ! I LOVE all your pictures! I lloved our long walk too!