Friday, June 15, 2012

Project Home: Building a Garden

I was excited to get a yard when we moved into our house almost 2 years ago, but I had no idea how interested I would become in gardening.  I love afternoons spent in the yard through the Spring and Summer.  By the time Fall and Winter roll around I am ready to take a rest from the maintenance and just wait to see what pops up next Spring. 

I have probably planted over 100 plants in our yard since we moved in.  I have dug up about 1/2 as many.  This is the first year that I really feel like we are starting to have a garden take shape.  Our neighbors down the street have a beautiful garden and I walk by with envy, knowing it has probably taken 20 years to establish.  I hope I can still figure out how to spend those long days in the yard with a little one, it has become one of my most favorite hobbies. 

I'm so glad I decided to capture a few shots from my iPhone before the transformation took place.  The photos below, give you an idea of the progress we have made.  

What I don't have here is our vegetable garden in a raised bed Brian built, or our outdoor decor that makes our yard perfect for warm Summer nights. 

The war against the slugs and the weeds never ends, but it just takes a couple beautiful blooms to make it all worth it. 

These shots are of the backyard, you can see the improvement on the fence and all the plantings.
These shots are still in the backyard: before the after.

These shots are of the little bed by the deck.  It was super ugly, but not anymore.

These shots are of the front slope and probably the most remarkable of the transformations.  We are due for another load of bark dust this year. I really think you need it every year.  I don't think it had been updated for many years.  It was so gray and sad.

These are of the front porch. First I dug out all the ugly stuff that was growing there, then I planted little shrubs, that aren't so little anymore!

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  1. Next year this time a little one will be watching you work! Nestled comfortably in the stroller, he or she will love seeing Mommy amongst the flowers!