Saturday, June 15, 2013

A New Dad - Happy First Father's Day

That's the face of a new Dad, a brand new Dad, like a couple hours new Dad.  Brian has been an amazing "Papa" since the moment I called him that Friday morning and told him he better come home because my water broke.  He was calm and funny.  It was just like any other day.  Jake came out and he wasn't breathing right away, Brian was so relaxed (I had no idea) and then he howled and they handed him to Brian all swaddled up.  Brian took him and showed him to me like he was always supposed to have that little guy in his hands.  I am not sure if the roles were reversed if I would have been so brave, so calm, so confident. 

Those first few weeks at home Brian did everything!  He cooked, he cleaned, he did errands and laundry.  He took care of me so I could take care of Jake.  He made me breakfast and nursing snacks and was a bed for Jake when Mama needed to close her eyes for a few minutes.  He rocked Jake to sleep every night so that I could get just a few more minutes in bed before the next feeding.  To be honest, as every parents says, those first couple months are such a blur, but I am certain we would not have made it without Papa.  

I think men have a harder time with infants in general, women can right away recognize the little personality traits and relate a lot faster.  It has been fun to see Jake get older and his bond with his Papa grow stronger all the time.  That kid's face lights up when Brian gets home from work, he follows him around the room with his eyes, he won't take them off of him.  He loves the games Papa plays with him, throwing him around, dropping the pillow on him, anything to make him laugh!

Before I had Jake I said that if I had a little boy I hoped he was just like his Dad.  I believe that now more than ever.  I married a kind, incredibly, selfless, thoughtful, romantic, hardworking, loyal, and somewhat hilarious guy.  I get to call him my husband and father to our baby.  I am so proud of him and grateful to him for working as hard as he does to provide for our family so that I can be the one spending the ordinary days with Jake.  

Jake knows he loves Papa, but he doesn't know how lucky he is.  These two are going to be buds, my two brown eyed boys.  Was there even a life before these two?  Happy Father's Day Brian, I couldn't possibly love you anymore than I do today. 

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