Sunday, June 2, 2013

Four Decades - My Parent's Anniversary

Dear Mom and Dad - 
I'm only here because forty years ago today you became husband and wife and decided to build a family and life together!  Forty years!!  Thats amazing!  Congratulations on your fantastic marriage, your amazing children (had to add that), and the fun lives you so deserve to be living together.  This is your day and I hope you take some time to reflect on what an incredible accomplishment it is to be celebrating this milestone.  Together over the last four decades you two have proved that to make a wonderful marriage you not only have to love your partner, but you have to like them a lot.  It takes growing up and maybe even marrying someone myself to truly appreciate all that you both are as parents and a couple and all that you have done. Stephanie and I could not have been luckier to be your kids.  We had parents that would have sacrificed anything to make their daughters safe and happy.  For a better part of your 40 years together you have put the two of us first, always first.  Whether it was Kick-and-Chase soccer games in the rain, ski trips with tons of gear, long weekends of volleyball in Medford, evenings listening us complain about dinner, wrecking our cars (maybe just me), going to out-of-state college, planning a wedding, or looking for a job we always knew we could count on both of you.  You make marriage look easy, you are great friends, you laugh at each other, you laugh at yourselves, and it is obvious to anyone that spends time with you that you were really meant to be together.  Thank you for choosing me as your daughter and for being an example everyday of what it means to build a life together.  Keep laughing and keep loving. Cheers to 40 more!
I love you!
- Elizabeth

Hooray for Mom and Dad and 40 years together!!

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  1. Thank you for such a nice letter! It, of course, made me cry, and I LOVED the pictures! Someday jake will be writing about you and Brian!