Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bloggy Fun

You might have noticed a slightly updated look to the blog.  Well, with Jake taking a little longer naps here and there I have had sometime to make some changes and explore somethings online.

On Pinterest I keep a board called For a Rainy Day that I have added stuff to that sounds interesting, but I never know when I might get to it.  One of the pins I added was about blog headers.

It lead me to this blogging site. This is a great tutorial on how to use Pic Monkey.

This is why I love Pinterest, it can lead you to things you never knew existed.
First, a website actually about blogging and resources for that and then to a site where photo/collage editing is totally free (unless you want some of the fancy stuff.)  The collage feature is what I used to update my title header.

An iPhone and iPad app I am loving right now is called Over.

It looks like this in the App store.

It can do things like this to your photos:

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