Friday, May 18, 2012

15 going on 16

It hasn't been a very active week for blogging.  I have been really busy at work and different from the past few months, actually feeling engaged on what I am working on.  Everyone told me that I would get a burst of energy in my second trimester and they weren't kidding.  I am still ready for bed at 9pm, but up to that point and I am running around the house cleaning stuff out, rearranging, or organizing.  It seems the same thing has happened in my work life.  My brain is suddenly in overdrive.  I have so many ideas and new ways I want to look at things.  It makes for a very long to-do list!

I am almost 16 weeks.  Brian has been in Korea all week so I have slacked on the belly pictures, but I really feel like it sticking out today.  Here is my attempt to take a view from above picture on my walk this morning.

A few recent pregnancy notes I don't want to forget:
I had my first hot latte (decaf of course) in two months this morning, it tasted so good!  I feared they were ruined forever. 

I am really into Falafels and I hardly feel sick ever anymore. 

I ran twice this week and my only jeans that still fit, officially cannot button. 

It is still to early to feel anything and I just look forward to my next doctor visit to hear a little heartbeat again.  

They say you shouldn't eat the things you love when you have morning sickness because you can stop liking them due to the association.  That was true for me - Yumm Bowls and my favorite Thai Noodles are definite victims. 

I have lots of pictures to post from Mother's Day fun last weekend, but since I got the urge to clear out the future nursery our computer isn't hooked up at home.  That is my project tonight (one of many!) then pick up Brian tomorrow and drive to the beach for a fun overnight with old friends.  Enjoy the weekend!

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  1. Holy tummy!!! You're such a fatty!!! I LOVE IT. Is it the best feeling not fitting in your jeans for the reason that you are growing a human in you?! I bet. Mine don't fit anymore because of the booze. HAHAHAHA. Seriously.