Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Desert

On my birthday (April 13th) we headed down to Palm Desert for a long weekend to visit my parents and give them the good news that they would be Grandparents.  I can't believe I went 7 weeks without them knowing.  Every time I talked to my Mom I felt like I was lying to her.  We got in late Friday night and Brian made us wait until we woke up to tell them.  

We thought we had a pretty creative plan.  We would talk about the new front porch railing that we wanted to put on our house. We wanted to show them pictures on the iPad of some different styles and get their opinion.  There were about 3 pictures of porches and then a picture of their first grandchild's sonogram.  Take a look, you don't even need a lot of sound to appreciate it. 

We got a similar reaction from Brian's parents the weekend before when we showed up for an impromptu Easter visit and shared the news.  There were definitely some tears.  

Palm Desert was a great trip.  We got some sun, relaxed, played lots of golf and I got to finally share all that I had held in for 7 weeks about being pregnant to my Mom.  Every morning we walked 5 or 6 miles and chatted the whole time.  I am already looking forward to next year where we'll have an extra guest.

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  1. I LOVE all the pictures! We won't ever forget that trip!!