Friday, May 4, 2012

1st Trimester

I'll be 14 weeks on Sunday.  The 1st trimester of pregnancy is so crazy when you have never done it before.  It seems so odd that a little human is growing inside you and even though a website tells you it is the size of a blueberry, you feel like it is sucking every bit of life out of you.  How can something so small change something so big, so fast, and so dramatically?

During the first 13 weeks of being pregnant I LIKED to eat/drink:
Fruit - oranges, berries, grapes, anything
Juice - orange & grapefruit especially
Bacon & Egg sandwiches
Bagels with Cream cheese
Cold Cereal
Breakfast Burritos from Farmer's Market
Tacos & Mexican food
Anything fried or with melted cheese
Egg McMuffins (literally from the drive-thru on the way to work - wow)
Macaroni & Cheese (from a box, the whole box)
Garden Burgers

During the first 13 weeks of being pregnant I DID NOT like to eat/drink:
Anything else not on the above list

During the first 13 weeks of being pregnant I ENJOYED:
Sleeping a lot - 8pm bedtimes
Not Running or exercising as much
Actually sitting down on the weekends to relax
Walks in the fresh air
Knowing that a sweet little baby was growing inside me

During the first 13 weeks of being pregnant I DID NOT enjoy:
Riding in the car
Exercising - except the Elliptical trainer
Cooking Dinner
Getting out of bed

I started to feel sick the morning of Week 6 and by about 10.5 it was a little better in the morning and bad at night.  By 12 weeks it was better and it was the first weekend I felt more like myself.  By 13 weeks I definitely knew that the worst was behind me and the cloud of the 1st trimester was lifting off me.  Now I have a long list in my head of "nesting" projects.  I had a regular appointment yesterday and we heard a strong little heartbeat again, so now I even feel better about feeling like myself.  I still had a bacon sandwich and side of hash browns for breakfast though...

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  1. Hilarious! Food is a big thing in the life of pregnant Lizzie!