Friday, May 11, 2012

Baby Loop

I run. I run in the morning, I run in the sun, I run in the rain, I'll run on a treadmill and I run outside.  I run to get that feeling you get and to feel strong.  Not feeling like running was the weirdest part of the 1st trimester for me.  Usually, it was running that made me feel better if I was sick or had too much wine, but the thought of the bouncing just made me ill the past few months.  Now that I have come out of my cloud and am closer to my old self these light, sunny mornings are begging me to run. 

So now I run with a little friend on board.  My loop is shorter, my runs are slower and the hills are walked, but the feeling is the same. I decided to run with my phone on Thursday, these are some of my favorite sights on the new baby loop. 

                        The sky was so blue, always a treat.

I always like this house, you can't see the beautiful side yard here, but it is one of my favorites that I pass. 

The only hill

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  1. I love seeing your route and imagining you and the little lemon enjoying your morning together!