Monday, May 7, 2012

Spring Weekend Fun

We had a great weekend.  Now that I am feeling more like myself I have this surge of energy that makes me want to clean things out, clean things up, and get after projects that I might have noticed over the past 3 months or more but haven't done anything about them.  I'll get more into those projects in another post, but this is more about weekend fun.  

Nearly every Saturday begins with a trip to the Farmer's Market.  EVERY trip to the Farmer's Market begins with a breakfast burrito. 
My order is special and the guys knows my name - they call it a "B with S, no cheese"
That's a burrito, with Bacon, no cheese and Salsa put inside, rather than on the side.  So darn good.  

My favorite burrito stand, as you can see from the line, I think I have told too many people.

Market Flowers, it is hard to beat that this time of year. 

If it isn't going to be a burrito it is usually some form of bread. 

One of my favorite part of the market some weeks, some quality time with one sweet Viola.

On Sunday I went for a long walk in the morning.  I would love to say it was just to get some exercise, but the fact is that the Sunday market opened this week for the season.  It is about 2.5 miles from our house.  Does it still count as exercise if you walk 5 miles for that same glorious burrito?  Wow, I sound a little pathetic, like my whole weekend revolved about these little tortillas wrapping up eggs, potatoes, and chilis from heaven.  Oh well, if the shoe fits...

Our neighbor down the block, a small portion of her ridiculously (I am green with envy) beautiful garden.

Wilshire Park

A stroll down Alberta Street.

Now this mini mart serves bento and looks a little scary.  At one time it must have been Beaumont Village's thriving pharmacy and soda fountain.  


  1. I LOVE these pictures!

  2. Love the pictures. The one of Viola is so sweet.

    When do we start seeing baby bump photos?