Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend Part 1

On the Saturday of Mother's day weekend I got to spend a fun filled sunny day with my Mom. She came to help me buy all of my flowers for 9 pots and plant them in beautiful combinations.  As you can see from below, I really put her to work.  Luckily we have had some nice sun and some nice rain so my pots are really filling out nicely.


When we got to our house with all of the flowers Brian was busy working at the table on the patio.  We told him we would stay quiet and not disturb him.  That was before my Mom walked out of the back door and through the screen door, completely knocking it off the rails. So Brian had a little project before we actually let him get back to work. Oops!

The finished product on the back patio
The pretty "flowerless" pots on the front porch

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