Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Project Home: Outdoor Illumination

It seemed like a reasonable goal, just string some nice outdoor lights in the backyard to add to the ambiance for entertaining and enjoying the yard this Summer.  I love our backyard and our house and we have worked on so many projects to get it to a place we are happy with.  We had a fence put in during the dead of winter.  On the first sunny day Brian chopped up a shrub that bugged him and made our patio seem crowded, and dug it out of the ground.  He then built me a raised bed to go in its place.  We have the lawn and the beds in good shape and the furniture is out of the basement. To add to all of this, we thought some outdoor lights would be great. 
4 strings of 20 ft lights
1 staple gun
1 electric screw gun
several sturdy screws
2 trees
6 broken bulbs
1 roof 
1 ladder
and two stupid people later we have our lights!

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