Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Saturday February 25th

Saturday mornings are usually pretty uneventful.  Not this Saturday.  I felt a little "weird" on Friday at work and woke up Saturday morning and thought, I would just take a cheapo pregnancy test, just to rule that out.  I didn't want to waste an expensive one on what I was sure to be a negative test.  

So I got up a little after 7 and went into the bathroom to take the test.  I waited the 3 minutes and saw a very faint pink line.  So I threw the test out.  I was used to the ovulation version where the lines HAVE to match in darkness to be positive.  Then I stopped and thought I remembered that these tests were different.  Any line means a positive.  So I got it out of the trash and told Brian that I thought I just got a positive test.  He didn't buy it.  We got on the test website on our phones from bed to double check the test directions.  Sure enough, it meant positive.  I know I felt excited, but so surprised I didn't know how to feel.  Plus, it was so early.  Would this little miracle stick around? It might sound gross, but I had to take a picture before I threw it out. I knew I would look again later in the day to try to believe it. 

I spent that Saturday at baby shower, of course, and couldn't believe I had this secret.  I was only 4 weeks so I didn't really feel any different, more on how that changed later.  I waited two days and I took another test.  This time I splurged for a spendy one.  Holy cow.  It said it AGAIN!
So this simple little story is how our next adventure begins.  After 10 months of taking my temperature every morning and recording it online.  After peeing on numerous sticks to see if the big O day was coming.  After a few disappointing months and a doctor telling me I wasn't ovulating.  After more "trying" than even my husband could handle. After all that, we were pregnant!!


  1. I love your blog! Can't wait to follow all the excitement!!

  2. Can't wait to see the growing belly!!